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Welcome to A-Town Diner and Deli

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Happy Days are here again at A-Town Diner featuring Virgil’s burgers... The Fonz, Richie and the gang may not be hanging out, but a new generation of kids and their families are. Virgil’s was the unassuming hamburger stand with the world famous hamburgers where Rabobank is now located. Virgil’s was as much a social center as it was an eating establishment.

A-Town Diner now carries on the same tradition where junior high and high school students, parents, families, and friends come by to share the day’s events and enjoy that 50s feeling.

All our food is prepared fresh for you. Our burger patties are never frozen and our hamburger buns are delivered fresh from Edna’s Bakery in SLO.

We are proud to be able to carry on the Virgil’s Burger tradition that was started back in the 50s: just the place to enjoy a home-cooked meal in a hometown atmosphere where old fashioned flavor and good feelings are served up with every meal.